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2015/03/27 17:09:46
admin 26 comments

Bud's ST205

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This is the best car I've ever owned!
2015/03/27 17:10:12
Such a fantastic car!
2015/03/27 23:30:52
I bought it with 97,000 genuine Kms on the clock and it was only $11K!
The paint is original too 
2015/03/28 09:14:19
Here's an ADM GroupA. It's a bit over priced in my opinion as there are no functional mechanical differences between a Group A and a non-GroupA.
This particular car has nearly double the Kms of mine and is double the price. Maybe I got a crazy bargain?
Price is however generated by demand, so I hope that the seller gets what he is asking
In case you are wondering, other than some trim differences (leather seats, airbag etc) mechanical differences between GroupA and non-GroupA are -
  1. Group A has a water spray bar which isn't functional. Tests have proven that a spray bar on a W2A system makes stuff all difference to inlet temperatures
  2. Group A has anti-lag pipes on the exhaust manifold, though they are blocked off
  3. Group A has a water injector in the inlet manifold though it isn't functional
  4. Group A has ABS though some non-Group A cars do have it. I believe that it was an option
2015/04/01 21:12:17
BTW I imported a set of stock wheels from Canada because I couldn't get any locally. I paid way too much for them though I'm still happy that I have them. When my current tyres are close to wearing out, I'll get the stock wheels restored and throw a new set of Federal 595RSRs on them.
2015/04/01 21:15:33
Here's a tour of my GT4 -

2015/04/10 19:02:22
I just ordered a set of Tein lowering springs. My idea is to use them with the stock wheels I bought a while ago to make the car look tough. I haven't trial fitted the wheels yet though I expect that I'll need spacers to get the wheels to fill the guards properly. I can't wait to see how it looks
2015/04/12 07:19:35
I trial fitted a wheel with a 20mm spacer and it looks good. It will look perfect once I put the lowering springs in and have the wheels painted

2015/04/12 08:16:56
Springs have arrived. Yay 😊

2015/04/25 06:51:21
This arrived today. No more cr8ppy bonnet rod!

2015/05/13 20:55:44
Here they are fitted

2015/05/17 16:18:05
I washed the car yesterday so I thought I'd take some close ups with the phone before she got dusty again

2015/05/18 18:52:33
Instagram version. Follow me - mr2australia

2015/05/18 18:58:31
What's it take to become a sublime expdunoer of prose like yourself?
2015/06/04 18:55:54
The road is a long one filled with peril
2015/06/04 19:55:03
Dag nabbit good stuff you whpaiersnpppers!
2015/06/05 04:18:38
I fitted the new Tein springs yesterday. Slammed!

2015/10/06 18:57:09
BTW the front Tein springs are too low. The rears are OK. Just some feedback in case someone else is thinking of buying the same springs
2015/11/28 17:16:57
I painted my door handles so that they are no longer faded. So pretty!
I used spray cans. 3 coats of red and 2 coats of clear.

2016/04/04 19:07:30
hey bud where did you get the bonnet gas struts from and was there much involed fitting them  hate that crappy bomnnet rod
2016/04/21 01:32:50
Ebay. They were very easy to fit
2016/04/21 05:54:29
I ran the GT4 on the dyno at PVS in Northmead on Thursday night.
It made 154kW at the wheels. I'm happy with that.
The only performance mods are a full exhaust, Blitz ECU and Blitz boost controller.

2016/05/28 09:06:16
What company or sites did you import the car from?
2016/07/17 20:36:31
I bought it from a local guy. He bought it from the guy that brought it in from Japan as a personal import.
2016/07/17 21:02:46
I've entered this car into Toyotafest, which is a car show held at Castle Hill Toyota in Sydney on the 2nd of October 2016. There will be lots of great Toyotas there. Come along and have a look.
2016/09/03 08:50:49
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