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2015/04/01 19:35:33
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Which model Celica do you drive?

Answer this poll so we can get an overall view of how many and which model Celicas we all have!
2016/12/03 15:57:39
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Challenge Bathurst

I drove a mate's EVO 8 at Mount Panorama last weekend!
I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to drive on the world's best racing track.
I was so overcome with emotion after the first session, I had tears in my eyes. It was so AWESOME!
I have uploaded some videos of it to my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/mr2australia/videos
If you ever get the chance to do an event like this, don't worry about the cost. IT IS WORTH IT




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2016/08/25 20:37:56
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2015/04/13 18:59:16
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Bud's first registered Celica - a GT2!

This car was in pieces when I bought it. I enjoyed it until the GT4 came along. It was $1500 and unregistered.
The torque steer was terrible though it was a lot of fun. It was faster then the GT4 in a straight line and they had the same power mods - just boost and exhaust.
I still talk to the current owner every now and again. I was happy that it went to an enthusiast.

2015/04/04 20:29:23
jim881 6 comments

Jims Celica gen 7

Hi all,

Been a member over at the uk celica club so I thought I would join you guys down under

Looking forward to getting tips, and hopefully a few people out.

Here's a few pics of my Gen 7

I thought I would give some details on what I've done so far.

Heres the list of current mods I've done and future ones too:
-Alacantra and red stitching arm rest and gear gaitor (thanks mondo)
-Auris gear knob with matching wheel paint

-Sound proofed rear (seat and boot area)
-Back 3 windows tinted
-Modified boot to adjust rear coilovers
-Fitted new boot gas struts
-Fitted club badges (thanks mook)
-Likwidart rear celica infill
-Fitted rear valance

-Front Toyota badge resprayed same as alloys
-Got the 4th spoiler brake light working
-Refurbished tech 5's anthracite and mooked them
-Fully refurbish calipers, powdercoated,and mooked

-Painted disc guards and finished off with red rim
-Grooved & Dimpled black coated discs with Mintex Pads
-Fitted HEL braided lines (thanks stu)
-Fitted 27mm spacers to rears (thanks again stu)
-Fitted group buy wind deflectors
-4 new tyres (Falkens 914s)
-De-tangoed front, rear and side lights
-Fitted 55w 5000k HIDS (HIDS DIRECT)

-Replaced fog light
-Meshed front grille & fog lights
-Fitted HKS Power Silent Exhaust
-Fitted Meister R coilovers with full geometry setup
-Fitted new headlights
-Fitted Kolite 501 [color=rgb(90,90,90)]sidelights
Engine Bay
-Replaced lift bolts
-Fitted earthing kit
-Replaced engine cover bolts
-Replaced numerous bolts in engine
-Fitted Green Cotton Filter
-Fitted Cusco brake stopper
-Fitted screws for plastics
-Fitted RAYS bonnet struts
-Fitted Brass gear linkage bushes
-Fitted IK20 spark plugs
-Fitted Spark plug cover & powdercoated to match wheels
To do
-Send off centre console to get flocked
-Grind down brake stopper and get powerdercoated in anthracite
-Powerdercoat rocker cover, manifold
-Get plastics sprayed to matcht wheel's
-Replace engine bolts
-Fit Rhino Lip
-Fit Mook Dials (On order)
-Fit Avensis calipers

My mod thread on celica club
2015/04/04 17:59:57
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Sydney car shows?

Are there any car shows coming up in Sydney where I could enter my GT4?
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